1304 Printing Thermometers



P 0.1C/F resolution
P temperature range - 200 to + 1370C
P incorporates real-time clock & calendar
P easy to read LCD display


The 1304 is a microprocessor based printing thermometer with the

ability to accept type K, J, E or T thermocouple probes. The thermometer

is constructed from durable ABS plastic with easy to use, rubber bush button

and features a large, custom 4-digit liquid crystal display


The printing thermometers measures temperature over the range of

- 200 to + 1370C with a resolution of 0.1C or F (selectable). The

unit incorporates a dual thermocouple probe socket enabling the

user to connect one or two temperature probe with selectable

readings of probe1, probe 2 or a differential reading of probe 1

minus probe 2. Other features include C or F, a maximum and

minimum or overage temperature reading




1304 Printing Thermometer


200 to +1370C




0.1% of reading 1C


6 x AAA

battery life

Approximately 50 hours

sensor type

K, J, E or T thermocouple (selectable)


4 digi LCD


193 x 74 x 37mm


365 grams

a traceable certificate of calibration is included with each instrument




The old matrix printer directly onto thermo-paper, eliminating the need for a an ink cartridge/ribbon. At any time the thermometer can instantly print a reading. Alternatively, the user can utilize the interval printing programme which incorporates a real-time clock and calendar allowing measurement to be taken at any pre-set time interval


Each thermometers is supplied in an ABS carry case with two rolls of paper, six AAA batteries and instructions for use. A range of compatible probes is available,



Order code description


1304 PrintingThermometer

812-304 Thermo-paper (2 rolls)





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