Therma 1, 3 & 12



P three models 0.1/1C, 0.1C or 1C resolution
P wide choice of interchangeable probes
P Durable Construction
P easy to read LCD display


The Therma series of digital thermometers are rugged

and easy to use industrial thermometers that operate

through the range of -50 to +1370C with a 0.1C or

1C resolution.
The Therma 1 measures temperature with a resolution

of either 0.1C or 1C (switchable). The Therma 12

measures temperature with a resolution of 0.1C over

the entire measurement range of -29.9 to +149.9C

and the Therma 3 measures temperature with a

resolution of 1C over the entire range of -50 to +1370C.


Conveniently located are the side-mounted on/off switch and the thermocouple probe socket positioned at the top of the instrument. This enables a wide variety of probes to be used depending on your personal requirements.The Therma series features a large, easy to read, LCD display with open circuit and low battery indication.


ETI offers an extensive range of interchangeable thermocouple type K probes for a variety of different applications, for full details


Optional accessories:


The protective PVC boot helps to protect the instrument against
accidental damage. The black acrylic wall bracket stores the instrument safely (screws not supplied).



Therma 1

Therma 3

Therma 12

range 0.1C

-49.9 to +199.9C


-29.9 to +149.9C

range 1C

-50 to +1370C

-50 to +1370C



0.1C & 1C




0.5C 1%

1% 1 digit

0.5C 1 digit


9 volt PP3

9 volt PP3

MN1604 (PP3)

battery life

200 hours

200 hours

200 hours

sensor type

K thermocouple

K thermocouple

K thermocouple


12.7 mm LCD

12.7 mm LCD

12.7 mm LCD


36 x 80 x 147mm

36 x 80 x 147mm

36 x 80 x 147mm


210 grams

210 grams

210 grams

a traceable certificate of calibration is included with each instrument



Order code description


Therma 1 thermometer

221-003 Therma 3 thermometer
221-012 Therma 12 thermometer
830-200 protective PVC boot
832-110 wall bracket





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