TR Data-Loggers



P Visual Display of High & Low Alarms
P immediate, Scheduled Delayed or Manual Start
P Up to 16,000 Stored Readings


The TR Data-loggers can record temperature from -40 to + 50C

Two models are available, one with an internal temperature

probe and one with an external temperature probe. Each TR

Data-loggers incorporates two bright, flashing LED displays. The

yellow LED indicates when the logger is active and logging, the red

LED indicates when the pre-set alarm levels have been exceeded. The

TR Data-Loggers are housed in a white ABS water resistant case


The TR Data-loggers can be programmed to record temperatures at

given time intervals, as often as once a second up to every two hours.

The unit is powered by a replaceable 3.6 volt lithium battery with a

life expectancy of up to approximately one year. The TR Data-loggers

incorporate a real-time clock and enough memory to store 16,000

samples/readings. Via the TRLog software, the user can select the

'StartMode' - 'Immediate' via PC software, 'Schedule' a start time or

a manual 'Magnetic' start, give each TR Data-logger a unique ID and

set the high and low alarm values




DR Data - Loggers


-40 to +85C




0.6C (-20 to +50C) 1.2C all other temperatures

real time clock

seconds, minutes, hours, day, month & year


16.000 temperature readings

sample rate

1 second to 7,200 seconds (2 hours)


3.6 volt lithium

battery life

approximately 1 year


22 x 55 x 80 mm


75 grams





PC Interface Cradle

The TR Data-loggers are programmed via an easy to use PC interface data-logger cradle which is suppiled complete with a one meter lead and D89 serial connector.

Each cradle is supplied with the TRLog software


Order code description


TR Data-logger (internal probe)

849-002 TR Data-logger (external probe)
849-030 TR Interface Cradle & Software
839-100 3.6 volt Lithium Battery




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